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Located in Southern Humboldt County, California on the Avenue of the Giants.  Come in and explore the arts and crafts of our local commUNITY. We will be adding featured local artists' work and new items often. 

Enjoy your experience viewing art in this beautiful atmosphere! Focusing on functional and fine art in a truly Humboldt setting. Located on the south side of Miranda on the Avenue of the Giants, perched on a hill surrounded by magnificent redwood trees. Whether you are just touring through the redwoods, or a long time local, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Art of the Burl Redwood Gallery

6609 Avenue of the Giants

Miranda CA 95553.0609



© 2019 by Sarah Starck @ Art of the Burl Redwood Gallery

Complete List of Artists

in alphabetical order
  1. Aaron Etherton Woodwork

  2. Aimee Cox Rustic Occasions Repurposed Home Decor

  3. Allison Gardner Mushroom Cookbook

  4. Amy Embree Fine Art

  5. Anne Fricke Local Author

  6. Ashley Mavon Screenprinted Apparel

  7. Ashley Wilma Pottery

  8. Beth Isbell Books

  9. Betsy Viall Fine Art on Slate

  10. Betsy Williams Fine Art Cards

  11. Brittany Massaro and Donny Godbey Mamba Humboldt Graphic Art Apparel

  12. Camo Cowboys Music CDs

  13. Carolyn Brownfield Holt Cone of a Kind Pine Cone Pendants

  14. Christina Laskar Feminine Evolutionary Book

  15. Dakota Cox Wood Pens

  16. Dakota Daetwiler Coloring Books, Cards

  17. David Booth Upcycled Lamps

  18. Dawn Boccaleoni Stoneware Slabs, Etched Rocks

  19. Erin Voelckers Ceramics

  20. Eva Creature Penkert Acrylic Pours

  21. Evie Dowd Beaded Jewelry

  22. Ferryn Caldwell and Alina Sarah Tea HeHe Blends

  23. Gail Crosby Pottery

  24. Gardner Boyce Photography

  25. Gary Harrison Screen Printed Stickers

  26. George Lea Pottery

  27. George Monroe Cutting Boards

  28. Holly Sweet and Michael Curran Books

  29. Jaden Graham Thankful Earth Herbal Tinctures

  30. James Reed Glassware, Ornaments, Paperweights

  31. Janet Finch Local Wool

  32. Jay Boyce Woodworks and Cut Gemstones

  33. JensBlends Glass Mosaic Pendants

  34. Katie Edgmon Humboldt Spice Company Rubs

  35. Katie Speelman Photography

  36. Katrina Richter Soaps, Oils, Bath Salts, Rice Packs

  37. Kim Reid Fine Art Prints and Cards

  38. Kym Hansen Mystic Lion Art and Design Mosaics

  39. Laura Sweet Humble Bee Fine Art

  40. Layne Murrish Fine Art, Prints, Stickers, Cards, Magnets, Apparel

  41. Lily Haas Ceramic Sculptures

  42. Louise Zuleger Finishing Salts

  43. Maddie Fraser Upcycled Jewelry

  44. Marie Etherton Paper Roses, Baskets

  45. Matt and Beth Crnkovich Humboldt Divine Glass Marbles

  46. Matt and Dara Kelley Dirt Road Designs Glass Ornaments, Marbles, Paperweights, Pendants

  47. Matthew Brockmeyer The Kind Nepenthe Book

  48. Misty Campbell Fine Art

  49. Nichole Page Enlightened Baby Organic Apparel

  50. Nick Martin Humboldt Logic Laser Cut Art

  51. Nicole Hartigan Postcards Photography

  52. Pam and Ace Vandenack Ace in the Hole Ranch Woolworks

  53. Paul Schmollinger Pottery

  54. Rae and Jill Hoot and a Holler Baby Apparel

  55. Randy Conley Redwood Toy Trucks

  56. Ritchie Fagan Chainsaw Carvings

  57. Robert Sheldon Screen Printed Art Apparel

  58. Sarah Malcolm Made Dish Towel Sets and Bibs

  59. Sarah Starck Metal Art, Needle Felted Fiber Art, Baskets, Jewelry

  60. Serena Kelly Fine Art Cards and Upcycled Magnets

  61. Serenity Wood Fine Art Originals, Prints, and Cards

  62. Simone Whipple Collage Placemats and Silk Scarf

  63. Steve's Repurposed Pine Barnwood Frames, Boxes, Cabinets

  64. Suzy Sicard Beeswax Candles

  65. Talia Rose County Line Wild Photography

  66. Tanya Horlick Golden Gaia Herbal Tinctures and Salves

  67. Topher Reynolds Copious Glass Ornaments

  68. Tyler Lewis Welded Horseshoe Art

  69. Wayta Chanin Fine Art Watercolor Originals

  70. Zack Patmore Cedar/Redwood Hope Chest and Bar