Handmade Baskets by Sarah Starck

I have been dying and hand weaving baskets for many years.  Back in 2002 I attended a Harvest Basket workshop with Laura Doyle and from then on I was inspired to learn more styles and play with different weaves.  Marie Etherton has been my mentor for many years,  she is a fabulous weaver with many different styles of baskets to share.  I've taken workshops to explore native weaving styles, as well as willow weaving, with Margaret Mathewson. Many other workshops offered during the State Parks' Passport In Time (PIT) program, Native Weavers Basket Camp in SoHum, were added inspiration.  Working with Marie, we began offering basket workshops to youth in SoHum at schools and for homeschool families.  That began a series of annual "Ladies Night" Basket Weaving Gatherings I'd offer to my close friends.  I was approached by Traci Speelman and asked to teach workshops at The Multicultural Basket Weaving Retreat put on by Eel River Native Basket Weavers and sponsored by California State Parks.  In 2013, my partner and I opened Art of the Burl, an all local art collective, on the Avenue of the Giants in Miranda.  It was a blessing to have a space to create art and offer more workshops (and to store all of my craft supplies)!  It is my pleasure to learn from all those who attend workshops, I always attain so much new perspective from each teaching experience!  I also enjoy needle felting, metal fabrication, and jewelry making. My partner is a wood turner and a lapidary.  Our son is currently attending UC Davis, and is a musician and photographer.  We live on the Eel River in Miranda, California in the heart of the Redwoods along the Avenue of the Giants.

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Art of the Burl

Redwood  Gallery

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