Art by Eva Creature

Artist Background

Eva Creature is a twenty-nine year old, Humboldt grown, self-taught, traditional artist and mother of three children. Having had a working relationship with art her whole life, she finally dedicated to art as a profession in 2018 inspired by her newly discovered love for acrylic fluid art and acrylic painting and encouraged by her family and the unyielding support of her fiancé Bryan. She hopes that by pursuing her dreams, she will pave a path for her children to do the same for themselves.  Finding inspiration in Nature and fantasy, her work often depicts a blend of the two. Eva plans on building a successful business and using her art as a tool to inspire appreciation and fascination for the natural and mystical world.  Eva offers painting workshops at Art of the Burl in Miranda.  You can find out what's coming up by clicking the Events Button below.

Acrylic Pours by Eva Creature